About Sports Injuries

Did you know 60% of people enjoying sport will experience an injury during one year? Whatever your sport, the worst thing is being off the pitch or track because of injury. Whether you play football or enjoy recreational running or high performance triathlons, we all love our sport and enjoy the healthy lifestyle it brings.

If you are injured, hurting or your performance is unexpectedly below standard, we at Ealing Physio are the right people to look after you. We all want peak performance and Ealing Physio can help with that.

Injuries happen to us all - from Weekend Warriors to professional sports people, from keen teenagers to the retired person. At Ealing Physio we give you elite treatment regardless of your level of performance! For over 20 years our experienced physios have been doing just that.

Our objective is to get you better as fast as possible and keep you that way.

YBy assessing you, making an accurate diagnosis and providing hands on treatment to abolish pain prior to doing sports specific rehab, we assure your early and safe return to sport. Together with you we identify the root cause of the problem. To stop relapse, rehab is essential. At Ealing Physio we dedicate more time to rehab than most other clinics, using our dedicated well equipped rehab area - that's why we believe we are the Premier Sports Physio clinic in West London. Whatever your problem, together we will find a solution that works!

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Special services


A bespoke and detailed analysis of the foot and ankle biomechanics will enable us to identify abnormalities and dysfunctions of your ankle, foot and lower limb. We can provide affordable insoles (orthotics) that fit in all sports shoes to correct imbalances and prevent injuries.

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