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Manual therapy is a specialised form of physiotherapy that uses a hands-on approach to treatment. It involves soft tissue mobilizations and joint mobilizations/manipulations. Most patients when visit us, expect to receive some form of therapy through machines and a sheet of exercises. Although these may be used when required, they do not form the principle treatment.

For e.g. when we treat lower back pain, we do not target resolving only pain but take a closer look at the way the intervertebral joints move (is it hyper or hypo mobile?). We may first perform soft tissue mobilizations through massage or trigger point release or muscle energy techniques. This helps relax muscles, encourage circulation, breakdown scar tissue and thereby reduce pain. We would then perform mobilizations of the joints at the lumbar spine (lower vertebrae) or the sacroiliac joint (joint connecting the pelvis and the spine). This technique is done at varying grades depending on the intensity, speed and amplitude needed to relax the soft tissues around the joint, align or move the joint. This helps reduce pain and improve flexibility. When these have improved, we would provide exercises to enhance the effects of manual therapy.

When you visit us for a hamstring or groin injury, you could expect your therapist to assess the way your lower back, pelvis and hip move. This is because we do not only directly manipulate the soft tissue involved but try to resolve the reason for the injury.

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