Sports Massage Therapy

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Do you recognise that pain when overdoing training or having been too busy for too long? A sports massage works wonders when you have tightness and muscle aches caused by over training, sitting badly at work, stress or even sheer inactivity. Many people see us before and after a race to maintain, tune and relax their muscles. Many people also see us regularly to combat stress related pains and aches especially in the shoulders and upper back.

How does it work? A deep tissue sports massage is a great choice for loosening up muscle tension by increasing blood circulation, getting rid of lactic acid and improving lymphatic flow. The friction makes the tissue warm and feeling relaxed. The increased release during the massage of the neurotransmitters serotonin and endorphins have a stress busting and natural pain killing effect. It simply makes you feel great!

At Ealing Physiotherapy all sports massage is done by experienced physiotherapists ensuring you get a massage in the right place where you need it most and that there are no contraindications for the massage.

Our specialist physiotherapists can also advise you if physiotherapy treatment and exercise rehab would be a better choice for sorting your tension and pain out by getting to the root of the problem and preventing any recurrences.

When to have a sports massage:

Every two weeks when training and pushing limits to minimise injury risk

  • When overworking muscle groups
  • 3-4 days pre-race or a big event to loosen up the tissue. Do not have a deep tissue massage any closer to the race hoping it will fix any injury or pain!
  • 3-4 days post-race to reduce stiffness and ache from lactic acid build up
  • When stress and tension has got the better of you and you want to feel great!

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