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Our aim at Ealing physiotherapy is to avoid the recurrence of problems. We do believe that prevention is better than allowing a crisis to develop. There are many things we take for granted and one of them is our health!

Posture re-education: Most people suffering from lower back pain can alleviate symptoms by simply correcting their posture at work or at home. When we treat you, we expect to bring about a change in factors that influence your condition such as your posture at work or a sporting technique. We would re-educate the muscles that help maintain healthy postures.

Ergonomic assessment: Ergonomics is a science that helps identify how fit you are in your working environment and how your equipment fits you. This can also extend to a sporting environment. We would provide you with a work station assessment or simply discuss issues related to your equipment, training surfaces, clothing and footwear. We also assess training levels to prevent overtraining and causing injuries from fatigue.

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"Thanks very much for working a miracle on me. I finished the Great North Run in 1hr and 54 minutes. Two weeks earlier I could not run at all."

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