Ealing Physio Testimonials

"Ioannis has been exceptional and his skill, direction and encouragement has return my ankle to normal."


"I have had sessions with Greg, who has helped me enormously, my pain is much better and am on the way to recovery. He is wonderful."


"Thanks Karthik! So far the results have been worth the pain! Just kidding! I feel like I am on the road to recovery thanks to you and Yiannis."


"Lois has been a fantastic physio. My right ankle healed quickly and i cannot thank her enough."

Ioannis - "Ioannis is more than an excellent Physiotherapist. He returned my shoulder and hand functions back to normal. Thank you."

Aikaterini 16 February

Karthik - "Great treatment by Karthik helped me to get on the mend very quickly. First class service! Thank you all."

Kamal 13 February

"My 12 sessions with Greg were very good. I feel much better overall."

Nelio 21 November

Lois - "I have been coming for physio on my knee for nearly 2 months and have found Lois very effective and kind. The atmosphere in reception is most pleasant. Treatment was most appreciated. Thank you."

Margaret 27 September

Ioannis – “I have been seeing Ioannis off and on since March and I have recommended his services to many fellow runners. I will certainly continue to seek treatment here when needed. He has kept me running and doing a sport that I enjoy.”

Che Odlum-de-Vivenot 19 September

Greg- “I have visited Greg on a number of occasions to see a niggle in my knee. I could feel the difference when running after my first session. Now 3 sessions later I’m ready to run my Marathon! The service has been excellent throughout the practice. The staff have been friendly and professional. Thanks.”

Theresa Hind 4 September

“Always helpful. Great physio. Sorted out my hip problem. Will be booking my husband in next. Thank you.”

1 September

Ioannis – “Always helpful & wearing a big smile. Has supported me both mentally and physically. A very compatible physio for my needs and experience. It’s been a pleasure. Thank you.”

Daniel Smith 1 September

Ioannis – “Ioannis has been amazing. He quickly identified my issue and gave me a manageable exercise program to get better quickly. He is friendly and professional and a visit to him is always a good experience. I am so impressed how quickly I have recovered and got back to doing the sports I enjoy. Thank you!”

Louise 25 August

Greg – “Thank you so much for your help. I was in so much pain when I first came in and now I am cured! It was a wonderful experience and very professional. Best wishes.”

Audrey 22 August

Lois- “Would like to say a huge thank you to Lois for her professional approach. I feel much better, the sessions improved my wellbeing significantly. Kind regards. X Lydia xx”

21 August

Ioannis –“ Thank you for helping get this stubborn old goat, who refuses to accept she is too old & worn for competition. Back on to the netball & badminton courts. Really appreciate your input & step wise approach.”

Jenny Watson 1 August

Lois – “Thanks for listening & making me feel a lot better. You are a star. X

6 July

Lois – “Lois is an absolute superstar! Solves every issue I’ve had perfectly. Thank you!”

Leila McGarry 4 July

Ioannis- “You have been a great help. Thank you so much for giving me my feet back.”

D 28 July

Ioannis- “Easy to talk to & is very knowledgeable. Helped me a lot after a shoulder dislocation. Would 100% recommend.”

Greg 28 July

Ioannis- “Treated achilles & bursa on left leg. Outstanding treatment, truly an asset to the clinic. A man of great experience. Should be back running very soon thanks to Ioannis.”

Shwan Faraj 27 June

Greg- “Did a great job on my back. Also gave me lots of tips to help myself at home with my back. The sessions were very enjoyable if a little painful at times. Thanks Greg!”

Julie Milroy 22 June

“Thank you Ioannis! Wonderful & effective treatment. Ciao.”

Francesca 21 June

Lois -“Really friendly and helpful. I felt that she really wanted me to recover.”

Marilyn Smith 20 June

Ioannis -“Funny & friendly! Helped me recover thoroughly and get back to all my sports. Thank you so much!!!

Layla 😊 19 June

Ioannis -“Thank you so much for your excellent programme of treatment for my knee. You've given me a new lease of life! I will certainly carry on with the exercises & ice. Good luck to Apoel too!”

Rachel Martin 19 June

Greg -“ An excellent and extremely effective treatment started the day the cast came off my foot. Good exercise regime between treatments and also a good chat during sessions.Rapid improvement and quick discharge.I'm extremely grateful! Thank you.”

Ian Todd 15 June

"Ioannis – Really helped my knee pain and pushed me to do the exercises. I need to help myself more. Thanks very much!"

Hilary Horne – 14th June

"Ioannis – Very pleased with the treatment received, Ioannis has been very friendly and attentive, gave me good exercises to practice at home in order to help my recovery. I have found the full clinic very welcoming. Thanks a lot!"

Beatriz Diez Gomez – 10th June

"Ioannis – Very effective course of treatment with some innovative techniques! Fully confident in Ioannis’s physiotherapy and results achieved great improvement with my elbows mobility and strength. Thanks."

Jeff Booker – 5th June

"Great new premises, fantastic treatment as always. Good balance between treatment and exercise soon fixed my back! Really pleased. Thank you Ioannis."

David Beckett – 22nd May

"Lois – Absolutely fantastic treatment! Lois is very friendly and has given me a lot of help over the past few weeks to help recover. Thank you so much!"

Alisha Veasey-Watts – 13th May

"Ioannis – Incredibly professional, thorough and caring service from Ioannis. Fixed my calf so I can run again."

Tim Lawrence – 10th May

"Ioannis is a fantastic physiotherapist – knowledgeable, kind and a great sense of humour. I’ve received great care and advice and am getting better thanks to the exercises! Thank you ever so much!"

Lena (Jelena Sakure) – 8th May

"Greg – friendly, knowledgeable, excellent treatment. All better now! Thanks."

Michelle – 4th May

"Lois – fantastic treatment – will be back in touch once MRI done – never knew Physio could be enjoyable!!"

Adam Lutz – 2nd May

"Greg has been a lifesaver! He’s helped treat a thigh and back issue before the London Marathon. When the day came around, I ran with no pain and had a fantastic day. Thank you so much Greg!"

Hannah Marr – 27th April

"Lois helped me to manage pain associated with whiplash and provided me with a set of exercises to maintain my posture. Highly recommended, excellent throughout."

Adam Wintle – 25th April

"Lois helped me to manage pain associated with whiplash and provided me with a set of exercises to maintain my posture. Highly recommended, excellent throughout."

Adam Wintle – 25th April

"Yannis is really knowledgeable and explains things very clearly once he has quickly diagnosed the cause of the problem. His recommended exercises were very helpful and accelerated recovery."

Nick Walford – 24th April

"I’ve been under the care of Yannis since December and found his treatments very helpful and beneficial. He was always willing to try new things and give me very useful tips that will help me improve me even more…. Will probably need to come back for more treatments as my condition is not easy to be cured but will definitely ask to see Yannis again!"

Elena Tarabusi – 24th April

"Greg has been very reassuring."

Chris Griffin – 20th April

"Greg is a miracle worker, feeling so much better. Fab job."

Sylvia Morrish – 19th April

"Greg has done a fantastic job of helping me recover from a knee injury. In addition to the regular treatment his guidance on how to make a full recovery and get back to past levels of fitness."

Andrew Todd – 15th April

"Lois has been fantastic. She helped me with my diagnosis and gave me lots of advice on how to improve. She never rushed me and I felt like she had all the time in the world to help me. I would not hesitate to recommend Lois to my friends and family."

Christina O’Hare – 13th April

"Lois has been a fantastic professional who has put me at ease, given me great advice and helped me recover. She initially diagnosed condition ahead of my GP! I highly recommend Lois and the Ealing Physio practice."

Angela Cleary – 13th April

"Thank you Ioannis! I really appreciate your help. All the best for you and your fiance."

Jeff Wilson – 10th April

"Thank you Ioannis! Ingenious exercises that have really done the trick and helped me ski 6-days."

Esther Newall – 10th April

"Thank you Lois – sorted me out again. Would always recommend this practice and Lois in particular she’s wonderful."

Annette Dale-Perera – 10th April

"Thanks for the treatment. I have some workouts to do. Even though I enjoyed the treatment, I hope I’ll not have to come back ha! ha!"

Matthias Schulz – 3rd April

"Ioannis treated me for plantar fascitis and I am cured! Excellent treatment thank you!"

Mary Cameron – 3rd April

"Great to be back with Ioannis’ healing hands – feel better already."

Chris Baker – 3rd April

"Grzegorz diagnosed the issue and through sessions and exercises he made great progress. This professionalism and his friendly manner made the whole recovery process so much better."

Tony Bessent – 30th March

"Ioannis taught me why my pain was occuring and gave me exercises to improve it while explaining the reason for why they will help me. Thank you Ioannis."

Leonardo Guine-Zingoni – 24th March

"Ioannis treated my injury very well and quickly and gave lots of exercises and advice to avoid recurrence. Thank you!."

Rebecca Fennelly – 20th March

"Lois was wonderful – kind, gentle, lots of helpful advice, great treatment and my back is so much better."

Tracey Patterson – 16th March

"I’ve worked with Ioannis now for a few sessions for a back/shoulder complaint. There is no doubt he has been excellent and helped me through a difficult period. I have no hesitation in recommending him to others. Thanks again for your help Ioannis".

Thomas Waterston – 22nd February

"Many thanks to Ioannis for his help. Very professional and devoted. All sessions brought improvement to my problem. His advice upon the completion of the treatment will definitely help further."

Vasile Trotuic -

"Dear Ealing Physio, I would like to thank Lois Da Costa for the excellent service and the care was shown to me during each visit.An absolutely brilliant Physiotherapist. The Receptionist was most welcoming and helpful. Well done to the team. Best Wishes."

Halid 15 December

"Ioannis has been brilliant from first session. I would recommend to anyone thanks for all your help. Best Wishes."

Conor Tansey 15 December

"Thank you for patience. You are a star! Appreciate, all the best ."

Victor Hoo 8 December

"Ioannis, Thank you very much for getting me back into my sporting activity. You can share my winning medal! I have recommended you to others... honestly!!"

Trish Roche 7 December

"Great results, feeling better every day with the 'homework' given by Greg! All the Best,"

Sion November

"Thanks to Greg, I'm feeling so much better and he has been very helpful.Great Job! All the Best. Salu"

Salu November

"Fantastic Treatment, 3 family members, highly recommended."

Rodger Hitchcock 30 November

"Thanks for all your help and advice. Highly Recommended"

Leigh 30 November

“I cannot thank Iannis Agathokleous enough. He has exceptional understanding plus wide, practical experience. He sees a whole anatomy and doesn't just talk the talk! Having been treated by several different physiotherapists over several years with minimum results, his treatments really do work. With his wide knowledge of sports injuries he can explain what he is doing and why. Prescribed exercises are simple but effective. His techniques work both with longterm postural problems and with specific injuries, using ultrasound and many other procedures. He is positive and up-to-date with the latest techniques. It is not surprising he is very much in demand - Many thanks indeed.”

Oliver B. 30 November

"Thank you Ioannis, after only 6 sessions and doing the exercises daily my back is recovered. Thank you for your help and guidance and I would recommend you! Best Wishes. "

Fleur Misina 22 November

"Absolutely brilliant, highly recommend to anybody"

Jan Hitchcock 21 November

"Absolutely life changing! What's more to say? Thank you Karthink"

Carolyne 19 November

"Thank you Greg! Great to be able to run again! "

Max 17 November

"Ioannis has been absolutely amazing! Brilliant advice and immediately knew what I needed. I am cured!! Thank you so much! All the best xx"

Aleeza 16 November

"Thanks so much for all your help. Excellent treatments, advice and exercises. Massive improvements achieved after years of bad posture, with significant back, neck and shoulder pain. Great work Ioannis and compliments to the reception staff too! Thanks! All the best."

Katherine 14 November

"Dear Ioannis Thank you soooo! Much!!! for helping with my achilles and getting me back to Rugby. You're Awesome!!! Thank you!!!"

Jasper 14 November

“Thank you for all your help Ioannis. I feel so much better, I really appreciate all your help and advice. You're an excellent physiotherapist! Best wishes.”

Saima 19th October

“Thanks Ioannis for all your great work. My neck is much better now! Great practice, good services and great advice.”

Heidi 19th October

“Thank you for all your help Ioannis. I feel so much better, I really appreciate all your help and advice. You're an excellent physiotherapist! Best wishes.”

Saima 19th October

“Thank you so much Greg for all your help. The exercises and advice you provided have been fantastic and definitely aided a quicker recovery for Devlin. Many thanks.”

Rita 13th October

“Yiannis. Thanks for all your help! My muscle tear is now finally healed & ready for my marathon in Amsterdam! Cheers!”

George 3rd October

"Ioannis- Thanks a lot for all your help. It worked wonders and I am back on my feet. Thanks again."

Christian 17th August

"Ioannis - Thank you for the excellent treatment I've been receiving for the past month. I've been seeing physios most of my adult life and you are without a doubt one of the best! Thank you."

Alun Aston 2nd Aug

"Thank you for the excellent support & help. Lois is always terrific at making me feel better while giving good advice on how to protect my neck & back in the future I'd strongly recommend Ealing Physio to anyone."

Poonam Joshi July

"Thank you Greg! Excellent experience! Very enjoyable and helpful sessions! I feel much much better thanks to you! Very professional and friendly person. I highly recommend Greg. Thank you."

Yara July

"Thank you for helping me get back to normal! You have worked wonders!! :) Hopefully I don't have anymore injuries but if I do - I'll be back! Thanks."

Paula July

"I came with chronic neck pain. Five sessions with Lois and I am very much on the mend. Thank you Lois."

Andrew July

"Thank you! To Greg, I had never been to a physio before and this has been a very positive experience! Really grateful."

Nicola July

"Thanks so much to Ioannis for bringing back my knee (patellar tendonitis) to it's full health. And even better, meaning I had a safe, enjoyable and pain free skiing holiday. Excellent diagnosis and treatment."

Helen Munday July

"A huge thank you to Ioannis for treating my knee back to full health! I'm not a patient who likes to sit still for too long! So really appreciate it!Thank you"

Shelley June

"Many thanks Grzegorz. I am now pain free and back running regularly. The treatment and service I received were excellent, and I would not hesitate to recommend the practice to anyone requiring treatment."

Jon Grantham 8th June

"A big thanks to Lois who helped and advised me with my shoulder."

Charlie 2nd June

"Thank you Grzegorz for sorting out my knee problem & getting to the root of my problem. Great therapist & great conversations. Made me feel very comfortable & explained everything clearly.Wishing you all the success in your career & in a nice way I hope I don't see you again!"

Margie 11th May

"We saw Lois with my 12 year old daughter with a foot/ankle injury. She was really helpful and friendly with simple exercises. Izzy is much better after just a few visits. Hopefully we won't need to come back too soon!"

Sandra Adar

"First time Marathon runner!!! Ioannis has been brilliant in providing regular sports massage for my aching legs during training and providing me with recovery information and support too. I would definitely recommend any athletes- new or experienced - to come to Ealing Physio for a session. Friendly and really great! Many thanks."

Jennifer Bartram 18th April

"Excelllent overall treatment!!! Ioannis focussed on treatment that fixed the root causes to my chronic neck and back pain and has left me with easy exercises that are making obvious improvements. Would recommend Ioannis to all my friends if they were ever in need of a physiotherapist. Thanks!"

Paula Rzepa April

"Once again Lois has saved me!!! This time a shoulder and not a back but the care and attention was still first class. Shoulder feels recovered and I know I can always trust the Ealing Physio team. Many thanks."

Andy Ashford March

"Diagnosis was spot on. Treatment Plan was appropriate and pitched exactly to what was needed, gradual phase back in to exercise was discussed and the sports injury is now resolved- Thank you!"

Craig T. 17 March

"Ioannis was an excellent therapist. His diagnosis, treatment plan & exercises were spot on and healed my injury in exactly the expected time. Thanks."

Rebecca March

"Cannot state how much of a satisfying experience it's been having Greg work on two injuries - knee and shoulder. Greg's attitude and ability are both beyond exemplary. The effort and skill he has displayed during my treatment leaves me feeling that I'm under the care of the best physio around. Currently my knee is almost back to normal and my shoulder is heading in the right direction.Thanks Greg."

Bobbie Chahal 11th March

"It has been amazing treatment. Thank you to Mr Satheesh for curing my foot in 4 treatments. My pain on my foot was unbearable when I came in. Had to take a few days off as I worked in school as a T. A. But now I'm feeling so much better and will start my Pilates classes in a few weeks. A big thanks again to Mr Satheesh and the receptionist- Alison - who has made me feel welcomed.Thank you." :)

Mrs Hansa Soni 3rd March

"Thank you everyone at Ealing Physio!! I have had physio on my knee and wrist and the whole process from start to finish has been brilliant!All the staff from all the receptionists to Ioannis have been AMAZING! Dealing with insurance companies is a nightmare and all the receptionists are amazing at sorting everything! And all so welcoming and kind- rare to find these days! My treatment with Ioannis was excellent!! He helped me fully understand my injuries - most doctors are very unclear! Now I am back in the gym with no pain!Amazing, brilliant and fantastic service and people!Would highly recommend.Thank you again."

Tara Holt 25th February

"Thank you for everything, my shoulder feels as good as new!"

Amelia 24th February

"Thank you to everyone at Ealing Physio and especially Ioannis whose programme has enabled me to walk properly once again. It is fantastic to have full ability and I'm looking forward to rock climbing and walking up hill again soon! Thank you so much and best of luck to the Cypriot football team this year!"

Wendy Kewley 24th February

"I would like to thank everyone at Ealing Physio for their support during the painful injury months. Staff were helpful to sort out the problems with insurance and were always friendly. Ioannis was wonderful an ever cheerful attitude, very professional, always motivating and listening to various progress comments.

I am very grateful and wish him and all the staff the best."

Zeina Mehio 24th February

"Thank you for the treatment, it has been so good and allowed me to get back to sport quickly!

Thank you."

Alex 23rd February

"Thank you so much Lois for the great treatment on my stress fracture. After 3 sessions the pain is almost gone. The massage, ultrasound and exercises to do at home have really helped with my 'speedy recovery.' Great advice, treatment and friendly service as always.

Thank you."

Mandy 22nd February

"Thank you Yiannis for sorting my back and mobility issues. I feel so much better. I just have to remember the exercises and keep doing everything I'm supposed to.

Once again thank you very much."

Jan 17th February

"Thank you. Satheesh was really great. I had had a nasty fall and needed lots of reassurance to get me back to walking and having confidence. He gave me wonderful treatment. Thanks again."

Jackie H 28th Jan

"Fabulous Physio Ioannis! I came back in September/ October not feeling very hopeful about running again! It was great to see steady progress and regain my old fitness and additional strength.

I enjoyed hearing stories of your tours with the Cypriot football team.

Thanks so much and all the best for the future."

"(I promise to keep up the squats!)"

Helen 27th Jan

"Thank you so much! Satheesh is so lovely! Very professional and such a great service. I'm a little sad I'm all better."

Lisa 26th Jan

"Ioannis, thanks so much for treating my ankle around my work time. Hopefully won't see you soon! Thanks for being encouraging and giving me the extra exercises for the future."

James (Your best patient :) 14th Jan

"Thank you very much Satheesh. My ankle pain is virtually gone and all the mobilising and exercising between physio sessions has been extremely helpful. Thanks once again to Ealing Physio for helping me to enjoy the movement of my ankle once again. Highly recommend Satheesh to anyone."

Harinder Singh

"I had a long term chronic problem with my neck and shoulder. I am really grateful to Lois at Ealing Physio. They really understand my problem and I was very well looked after here. Following all their advice and regularly coming for treatment has nearly cured my problem. I still see them for strengthening of muscles. Their staff are lovely and very accommodating. I would recommend anyone who has physio issues to see them."

Dr Pooja Capoor

"Many thanks to Satheesh in helping me and for his healing hands. My knee and back are so much better and nice to be without pain. Best Wishes"


"Thank you Greg. Able to sit, stand, walk and most importantly sleep! Have found the exercises will keep me going."


"Thank you Satheesh for fixing my back. You are a miracle worker :) :) :) Hopefully I won't be back!!"

Lorraaine Hewett Jan

"Lois is a life-saver! After a hip operation she helped me to straighten my spine and regain strength on my right side. A regular check-up keeps me doing the exercises and I swear her fingers are magical (and made of steel!)."

Jane Buckle RGN PLD

"Thank you Satheesh! I am really grateful. I came in quite a lot of pain. Cycling, working, walking for a long time was a struggle and I had constant headaches. I am so much better, hopefully continuing with the exercises and stretches will make sure I continue to enjoy a healthy back."

Anna Anton,3rd December

"Thank you so much Satheesh, its been fantastic and I hope to be back to cycling soon! Best Wishes!"

Julia A.

"A massive thank you to Lois to those that also helped me get better with my back and priformis. It has been a long process but finally I have movement without any discomfort. Thanks again for all your help."

Pam Price

"Ioannis helped me understand my back and neck problem. I did previous treatments but not with a good result. I'm really glad it took such a short period of time to feel better and to have progression. Happy to recommend him to friends and family."


"Hello my name is Viorel Dita and I've been one of your patient with Ioannis. I wrote to you because I want to let you know about Mr Ioannis is an exceptional physiotherapist, he help me a lot with his methods to recover my back. I did around 10 appointments with him and every time I left very happy, the way how he talk to me, how he guide me, to say in one word perfection. Every time I left him, I couldn't wait to come back to see him, I feel like I'm coming to one of my friends not to a doctor. I never been disappointed, not even once. Even the receptionist is so nice and warm, since you walk in you feel the warm like you walk in to a family. I will definitley recommend your clinic and Mr Ioannis. Thank you for making my life better and I wish you the best in the future to all the team in EalingPhysio."

Viorel Dita (01 December )

"Ioannis has not only solved a very painful back problem, the advice he has given me has made me feel even better than before. Most importantly, he clearly cares for his patients which makes trusting him very easy. Excellent!!"

Brian Rumbles

"Came in unable to walk. Now with help from Lois I can now walk with confidence. Thank you."

Tracy (17 November )

"This is the best clinic in London! I have had treatment with Christina (the owner) and I feel much better. I can walk without the pain in my leg. It is amazing! What a difference it makes. You feel everyone is so nice and they are very professional people, very dedicated and knowledgeable. I am very happy to come here."

Teresa Malewska (76 years old) (17 November )

"I would recommend this place to anyone. The staff have been wonderful and thanks to Lois I managed all the way through my pregnancy without any major pain. Thanks a lot"

Maria Baco (November )

"I attended Ealing Physio whilst back in London for leave as I work outside the UK. I have been experiencing lower back pain and reduced mobility for some months. The whole team have been wonderful. Reception efficiently registered my needs and arranged a diagnosis session immediately. My treatment involved three of the physiotherapists and all were excellent. Treatment consisted of soft tissue mobilisation to release muscle tension, spinal joint mobilisation, ultrasound and acupuncture. The treatment was conducted in ten daily sessions, fitting around my leave. An exercise programme has been prescribed to increase spinal mobility and improve core stability. The results have been amazing. In ten days the pain has been reduced to almost nil and mobility has returned. I would recommend Ealing Physio to anyone experiencing lower back pain and mobility issues."

Glen Cowsill. (November )

"I really appreciate the help that I received from the clinic. Very helpful staff. A big thank you to Dr Yiannis. He put me back to life and taught me how to avoid problems in the future. Thank you very much!!!"

Iuliia Kelly. (November )

"Thanks to all at Ealing Physio for sorting my back out!"

Ian. ( November )

"I have been having treatment with Satheesh for painful knees, which weren't painful knees at all. It was all to do withother muscle areas. Satheesh identified the problem and with massage and gym/home based exercise I'm hoping things will remain much better."

David Phillips . ( November )

"Lois has given me excellent care following an operation on my knee. She is very clear in her assessment, treatment and exercises. I highly recommend her."

Sue. (October )

"The staff here are amazing! Everyone is so friendly and helpful, especially Jan and Alison. Satheesh makes you feel very comfortable and at ease. He even makes me do exercises! ha ha! Honestly though this is an amazing practice and everyone has really helped me through various injuries. Thanks to everyone, your professionalism is much appreciated."

Karen 15 October

"Yiannis has done an amazing job of correcting my damaged knee. An absolute professional - highly recommended!"

Bruce (Brentford) 16 October

"I've been coming to see Greg for about 3 months. His treatment has been spot on and has made all the difference to me. I have also learnt exercises which will strengthen my neck in the future.

Thank you very, very much Greg."

C F S (14 October )

"Lois da Costa has helped take me on a road to recovery after a herniated disc operation in May. Lois has given me the proper treatment I never had in America. She identified that the underlying problem is a weakness in my left side. Her careful guidance has enlightened me to something that should have been treated in Connecticut when I had my first disc herniation in 2009. We are working together on strength training that will help me not resort to favouring my right side again.

I have never had the level of care with any physical therapist before seeing Lois at Ealing Physio. She called me at home several times to guide me when I had painful muscle spasm that left me incapacitated for 30 hours. She was also there for me after my surgery with calls to check in and guide me until I was ready to resume physical therapy after the operation. I can now look forward to a full recovery with the knowledge, care and attention provided by Lois da Costa."


"Yiannis is a modest man, humble with his English but explains technical concepts very well. After only 3 sessions there is a marked improvement. He is a miracle worker"

Dawn Noel July

"After being involved in a car accident and receiving physio and chiropractic treatment for a few months I didn't feel any better and the pain wasn't improving, I went to see my GP and I was recommended to see Greg (Grzegorz) for treatment. He was the first physio to sit down with me and go through a very thorough and involved consultation which in turn has had a massive effect on my wellbeing. I have had numerous treatments with Greg over the past 2 years and I would highly recommend him to anyone - he is always calm and understanding, gracious, incredibly welcoming and eager to "fix me". With the demands of a stressful job and commuting I find I am sat at a desk most days or in a car and Greg has recommended exercises and helpful tips on how I should adapt my lifestyle patterns to help me going forward. Greg is loyal to his patients, he is one of the most hardworking and meticulous individuals I have met and I would recommend him to anyone."

Helena S. (Consultant) London,

"Ioannis Agathokleous is a new chartered physiotherapist at Ealing Physio, and I was his first patient. Right from the first appointment I have seen an improvement. I have Achilles tendinopathy caused by my running, well jogging really. I am very keen to restart as I enjoy the exercise. I'm not ready quite yet, but each time I have received treatment I have seen a marked improvement.

Ioannis has a caring and authoritative manner that has helped me enormously."

David Millican

"I approached Satheesh seven weeks ago with regards to my 89 year old mother.

Having had major surgery to replace a collapsed and dislocated right hip she was discharged from hospital with no physiotherapy in place and we were told that due to a waiting list in this area it could be up to three months before she would see anyone under the NHS.

Satheesh quickly set to work loosening my mother's ankle and knee joints in order that she could improve her balance when standing with a frame. He also identified that the muscles in my mother's left leg were in much poorer condition than in her right and gave her daily exercises to strengthen these. Over the weeks my mother's walking has greatly improved, to the point that her latest exercise involves walking around the kitchen (without her frame) using the worktop for balance.

My mother's mobility is now such that she can get both in and out of bed, wash and dress herself and walk around the house into the back garden to sit and enjoy the sun unassisted. The manager of the assisted care company has agreed that their services are no longer needed and will finish tomorrow, she also commented on what an amazing recovery my mother had made and felt this owed a great deal to her having physio from the first week after leaving hospital.

Satheesh has been polite, gentle and caring as well as firm when needed with my mother and I am absolutely certain that her excellent recovery has been in no small part due to his help and skills as a physiotherapist.

Finally, if faced with this type of situation again I would not hesitate to seek Satheesh's services!"


"I underwent physical therapy at Ealing Physio for contractures six weeks after sustaining multiple fractures and dislocations of my left wrist, forearm and elbow that required emergency surgical correction. I found the physiotherapist to be very professional, knowledgeable and competent. His corrective inputs during physio sessions and advice for daily practice at home dramatically transformed my limb within 4 weeks. Now, I have achieved nearly full range of movements at all affected joints, have no pain and ever improving muscle strength. Overall the quality of service I received at the Ealing Physio was excellent and I warmly recommend them. Thank you Ealing Physio!"


"Just wanted to let you know that after seeing the Physiotherapist at Ealing Physio. I ran the Ealing Eagles Gunnersbury Park 10k on Saturday last and had a personal best: 46:29. Knee, hip and leg all felt great and still do."

SM, May

"Following a total hip replacement I chose your clinic because of the very professional and informative website. I am so glad I did because from both the admin staff and my physio Lois I have experienced the highest level of professionalism in a most friendly and reassuring atmosphere. After only two visits the crutches have gone and the programme Lois has set me is enabling me to return to normal activities much sooner than anyone expected. Once again, thank you all for your excellent service."

Carole L

"Six months ago I walked into Ealing Physio experiencing terrible pain in my lower back and with an inability to move my right arm. From the moment I walked in, the reception staff demonstrated empathy and support towards me. I was given an appointment for later that day with Lois, who right from the start has given me guidance and help through a difficult period which, resulted in having to undergo a shoulder operation and a continued programme for on-going physiotherapy for both my post-operative shoulder and lower back problems. Lois is always professional and supportive with a reassuring knowledge of expertise in her field. She continues to help me and gives me all the encouragement I need to becoming a healthier and pain-free human being. Thank you!"

DB Jan

"I think your new website looks great. Lots of information and very helpful."

Clive D

"I first saw Carl at Ealing Physio during the second week following my hip replacement operation. My leg was sore, bruised and heavily swollen. I had two appointments a week for three weeks, followed by one appointment for the next four weeks. During this time Carl worked on my leg and gave me exercises to do at home. Within two months of my operation I was walking normally without aids and no limp.

I have two friends who both had the same operation this year and after six months still have problems walking without aids and climbing stairs.

The personal interest and care provided by Carl has given me a speedy and complete recovery for which I shall always be very grateful."


"Dear Lois, thank you for the excellent treatment I received from you at Ealing Physio. I walked through the door on 29 September with severe back pain spasm and with reduced bending mobility. Even after the first treatment the pain reduced and I was more mobile. After my full course of treatment I am pain free and my mobility has increased beyond my expectations ....and I was able to wear high heeled shoes for my son's wedding too!

The whole experience was great. You told me every inch of the way what you considered to be the problem and explained what I could expect from each treatment giving me exercises to undertake between treatments. The exercises have become such a routine that I now do them every day and enjoy the benefit of my continued mobility.

The reception staff were equally supportive and helpful at all times and made the whole experience a pleasure. I hope I won't need your services in the future, but I know where to come at the first indication of any problem and would heartily recommend Ealing Physio to my friends and relations.

Thank you again.

Yours most sincerely."

Pam U, November

"Ealing Physio was recommended by my G.P. I have been receiving treatment for lower back and leg pain, which was immediately diagnosed by Carl, and confirmed with MRI Scans,(Spinal injury). For the passed four months or so, Carl has reassured me of my condition, with clear explanation/ demonstration on certain exercises, my back pain has improved immensely.

Carl has always been polite and professional throughout. I would definitely recommend Ealing Physio. Thank you Carl.""

IL, November

"I am a 52 year old film director and a number of months ago, I began experiencing pain in my right thigh which has grown to become severe and debilitating pain in both my legs from my hips to my knees, accompanied with pain in my lower back.

I've seen a number of doctors starting with my GP and have had various tests including an MRI.

The MSK clinic at Ealing Hospital diagnosed "swelling" in my lower back, told me that there was nothing they could do and that I just simply had "to adapt". They offered me no treatment, no suggestions as to how to better my condition and when I pushed for further advice, they simply discharged me saying "we can only really help perhaps 30% of the patients we see". When my GP heard of this diagnosis, he explained that because of the grave funding issue with the NHS, he was powerless to counter this decision and that I would be very well advised to seek help elsewhere.

With each doctor and health professional I have seen on the NHS, I stress that I am not seeking a "magic bullet", that I am very aware that spinal issues can be complex and slow to heal but that unless I'm given some valid and practical advice or guidance as to what I can do, as a patient, to better help my healing, I'm unlikely to get any better. I repeated to all and sundry that I am extremely motivated to do whatever I have to do in a gym but that I lack any kind of specialist knowledge and so am completely in the dark. Regrettably, this has fallen on deaf ears with regard to the NHS.

I've seen Carl Cachia in the past regarding a different condition and found his treatment to be swift and deeply effective. And so I presented myself to Carl yesterday in a somewhat desperate state.

After a detailed examination Carl confirmed that yes I do have swelling in my lower back but that I also have two other issues as well and that the three issues are compounding my problem, thereby crippling me in the process. However, to my great relief, he then went on to map out a proactive course of treatment that the two of us can do, together in session and on my own as a pro-active patient in the months to come.

Carl is the only health professional I have yet seen who has offered me hope, a way towards healing and the advice and expertise that I so desperately seek. Health problems can be deeply distressing and good health really does start with the attitude and behaviour of the patient. To a highly motivated and self-aware patient such as myself, hearing the words of such calm and positive advice, along with a realistic timeframe to my returning to a pain-free existence, is EXACTLY what I needed to hear.

Can I take this opportunity to thank you for recruiting Carl to your team. Please be aware that he is an absolutely fantastic ambassador to your business and a gifted health professional."

CN, September

"Following a traumatic episode which resulted in a torn biceps tendon, I underwent surgery both for this and a subacromial decompression to address a long-standing rotator cuff problem.

I have been a patient with Christina Carlsen since she started up her first practice in London in the early 90s. As an active, fit part-time fitness and yoga instructor with a strong interest and a history of participation in endurance sports, especially running, I have availed myself of her services time and time again. I have also had no hesitation in sending my own clients to her.

The latest addition to her team, Bryan Yau, is an affable Canadian with exceptional rehabilitation skills. Prior to becoming a Physiotherapist, he worked as a Remedial Rehabilitation coach. As such, his skills are particularly relevant to the injured amateur or professional athlete. Christina assigned him to me after my surgery. Following a course of physiotherapy, manipulation and exercises, I have recently been to see my Consultant who is extremely pleased with my progress and very happy to leave me in the capable hands of Ealing Physio and Bryan. I am now back teaching and training."

Rose Mary Busto, September

"When I recently I experienced the worst, most excruciating lower back pain I had ever known, I was very fortunate in being offered an appointment with Lois da Costa that same day.

Having assessed and diagnosed my condition, Lois started treatment. By the end of the session, I felt better. The exercises that Lois recommended helped as well. After the second treatment, my back was back to normal and I could walk normally again without experiencing any pain.

Lois is an able physiotherapist whom I would recommend without reservation. She is also very welcoming, friendly and knowledgeable - a true professional.

I would recommend Ealing Physio to anyone for the welcoming atmosphere, friendly receptionists and excellent physiotherapists."

Karin H

"Dear Sirs,

I wanted to let you know how delighted I was with the treatment provided by Lois da Costa at your physiotherapy practice. I had a sports injury that she identified as being to my medial collateral ligament. This had been inhibiting mobility in my lower right leg due to stiffness and pain, and it had persisted for about 2 months before I decided it was not healing and needed professional attention.

Lois da Costa provided me with an expert assessment and diagnosis, and a course of treatment and associated remedial exercises which promoted complete healing after about eight sessions.

I was very relieved and encouraged that I am now able to resume my fitness and sports activities. I would wholly recommend her, and your practice to my friends. Thank you."

David Malindine

"Thank you Lois, reading your report to the Rheumatologist is such a relief. You are the first health professional to understand the exact symptoms and pain that I have been experiencing over the last ten years. After just two sessions I am in less pain and have started to take control of my condition."

Lisa, Ealing aged 34

"I recently visited Ealing Physio for some emergency treatment after experiencing terrible back pain whilst being 24 weeks pregnant. The symptoms were so bad one day at work I couldn't move my back without excruciating pain, and couldn't put any weight on my left side.

The first appointment with Lois took immediate effect. My condition was diagnosed straightaway (Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction), with a detailed explanation of the problem area, and Lois started the physio treatment which eased the pain. I then had 3 more sessions of physio over the course of 2 weeks and after each session I was given different exercises to help strengthen the problem area and prevent reoccurrence.

By the last (4th) session, my pain had gone and I'm now following the advice given to keep my back safe and strong - its resulted in a much more comfortable pregnancy!

I will definitely recommend Lois to anyone in need of physio in the future."


"I consulted Christina Carlsen after four months of experiencing a heavy weight on my chest, chest pain, palpitations and breathlessness. A stress ECG, echo and angiogram had all ruled out heart problems, so I had recently returned to my GP to discuss what else could be done to find the cause of my ongoing health problem. She recommended a diagnostic appointment with Christina Carlsen.

Christina was extremely welcoming and empathetic and after a thorough question and answer session about my health history, she explained how she thought she might be able to help me. Following mobilisation of my back and neck I sat up some twenty minutes later with the blissful realisation that the weight had lifted and that my breathing was more normal. It seemed too good to be true, but, after completing the five sessions which Christina advised, the improvement continues and I feel reborn! I cannot recommend her professional expertise highly enough."

Lorraine B

"Hi. I have just completed an 8 week treatment with Karthik and would like to say how pleased I am with the treatment and the result. I had had the groin pain for over a year and it was seriously impacting my ability to advance in ashtanga yoga. Karthik analysed and reviewed the problem at every visit and adapted treatment according to feedback. The result is that I am pain free and able to progress without problems. Many thanks."

Jean H

"I would like to thank the team at Ealing Physio for their professionalism and kindness that I received while I was a patient. Christina Carlsen helped me walk again without pain in just over a month, and also treated other parts of my body that were associated with my hip/back problem. I confidently can say Christina is the only physio that has been able to manipulate my neck without it hurting me while she was doing it. I would recommend Ealing Physio to anyone in need of physiotherapy."

Amanda K.

"I am writing in praise of Christina Carlsen as she has once again fixed my bad back.

Since the morning of 21st September I have been suffering with a very painful lower back on the left hand side, which completely immobilised my body - I couldn't sit down, walk or stand-up straight and I couldn't take time off work, either. There was no comfortable position to ease the continuous pain in the lower area of my back. I had to take pain killers and go to work with a bent back and in agony.

While in pain and half bent, twice I saw the emergency osteopath in the city, which really didn't help at all, then I went to see my GP, but she too couldn't help and suggested visiting an osteopath. Then I remembered Christina Carlsen from 14 years ago, I Googled her name and found her at Ealing Physio.

I saw Christina last week, when she treated my lower back as well as the neck and and I noticed that I was well again after the first visit, I was standing-up, walking and sitting down with a straight back and no pain. Unlike osteopaths (whom I have visited) Christiana asks a lot more questions and examines a lot more of your body movement, before she applies any bone manipulation.

I am delighted to be able to sit at my desk (comfortably) and write in praise of Christina's treatment of my bad back - she worked her magic when everybody else had failed. I had always recommended her to everyone I know in the past and will never hesitate to recommend her to my friends, family and colleagues as she is really an expert in spine, back and neck, lower back, upper back, neck and everything to do with treating and fixing painful backs and maintaining a healthy posture to avoid future back injuries.

I would like to thank Christina again for her wonderful work and excellent treatment of my condition."


"I would like to express my sincere appreciation for your sympathetic and outstanding professionalism in the provision of the appropriate treatment of my right shoulder, arm and hand, together with your suggestion to my GP of the kind of medication which could speed up the treatment. Thanks for your help."

Abul Chowdhury

"Prior to seeing you I had been to acupuncture, a chiropractor and a hand surgeon. Only you correctly diagnosed my repetitive strain injury in the arm due to guitar playing."

Jamie Page Croft

"Thanks very much for working a miracle on me. I finished the Great North Run in 1hr and 54 minutes. Two weeks earlier I could not run at all."

James Hayes

"I feel I must write to let you know how pleased I am with the treatment you gave me for my recent attack of sciatica caused by a slipped disc. The first session enabled me to walk without a stick and the final three treatments enabled me to walk completely free of pain once more."

Clive Patridge

"Initially I was unable to comb my hair due to muscle and neck damage. After two treatments I was able to invoice for 16 hours of work - this surely must be the most cost effective medicine I have known. I am a 69 year old Corgi gas engineer. At my age it takes something really outstanding to impress me! You and your practice have done just that."

John Haselup

"I couldn't have done the marathon without you. My finishing time was just over 5 hours, not bad at my age!"

Ada Elliot

"A big thank you for your help in getting me through my training... I did the London Marathon in 3 hours 22 minutes and 16 seconds. I was number 2808 in 30,000 runners. As a novice runner this success was due in no small measure to you."

Mike Johnston

"I received treatment from Karthik last October for a nasty pain across my hip and groin area which made sitting and walking unbearable. Although it wasn't an easy point to treat and the diagnosis wasn't straightforward, Karthik's knowledge of human physiology as well as his excellent skills as a therapist, reassured me immediately and I felt I landed in 'good capable hands' from the start. This was, in fact, the case as in just five sessions the pain disappeared and I was able to move and sit comfortably again. Karthik was also able to always answer my questions and showed me useful exercises to do to prevent this from happening again. I would certainly recommend Karthik to my friends and family and I would return to seek his help in the future should I need to. Many thanks Karthik."

Zara S

"I came to Ealing Physio practice with pain in the lower back - not an unusual condition. However, pain is a very personal affair, and I came to the point, when all possible known remedies had been tried, all friends and relatives had shared all possible knowledge on the account and, of course, - internet! Sadly, none of this worked. So, I made an appointment in Ealing Physio with Carl Cachia after thorough research of many different similar practices in the area. Carl proved to be a highly professional specialist. He immediately understood the problem, chose the right type of treatment - combination of spinal-manipulations with acupuncture, reflexology, exercises,- not overwhelming, but step by step. And it worked!

I'd like to express my gratitude to Carl, who understands not just how the body works, but uses all accumulated knowledge of traditional, western and eastern medicine, his expertise - to treat his patients. He is also a bright, warm person. And everybody in the practice is very friendly, helpful, which is definitely a first step of ones road to good health."

Marina Liddel

“Thank you Lois for all your support and advice! You really made my knee functional again and I am not sure what I would have done without your help!”

Nadya 3rd October

“Thanks to Greg. Was a big help in getting my knee a lot better. more freedom of movement/ less pain.Thanks.”

Rory 29th September

“Thanks to everyone at Ealing Physio - receptionists have always been helpful (especially when running late!) & I can finally go for long runs again. Brilliant!”

Paul September

“As always I knew I could rewly on Ealing Physio to sort out my muscular problems. Greg is very professional and always gives tips & hints to manage any problems going forward. I wouldn't hesitate in using Ealing Physio again in the future.”

Chris September

“Thank you for all your help. My ankle pain had become unbearable but the treatments and exercises I was given have got me fit and ready. Fingers crossed I won't need your help again but if I do then I know where to come. Thanks so much.”

Richard September

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