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'Prehab' is essentially exercises that prepare you for the sport(s) you do in order to minimise the chance of injury and maximise your performance and enjoyment. This may be for skiing, snowboarding, or even sports that you can do in England such as cycling, running and team sports. It ensures your body is conditioned to safely partake in your chosen activity and comfortably deal with the stresses that that activity places on it, and it is an important area that is often ignored by many. Not only will you reduce your chance of injury by doing appropriate exercises with good technique, but you should also notice a significant improvement in your performance.

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Our specialist physiotherapists can also advise you if physiotherapy treatment and exercise rehab would be a better choice for sorting your tension and pain out by getting to the root of the problem and preventing any recurrences.

“I had a knee injury due to running. I saw David Barker for 6 weeks of physio sessions. The knee problem was cured and I am back to running again. So thank you for sorting me out!”

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