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Acupuncture is a form of traditional Chinese medicine considered to be an alternative therapy, due to the fact that its use in some situations is not backed up by modern medical research. However, there is a growing body of western medical research using randomised controlled trials to support the use of acupuncture in certain conditions. It has also been shown, in a scientific way, to be beneficial for a proportion of migraine patients, and aiding in post-operative nausea. Physiotherapists at Ealing Physiotherapy will discuss the use of acupuncture with you if they feel it may be a useful adjunct to your treatment plan. It will however rarely be used as a stand-alone treatment.

The physios at Ealing Physio have specific post graduate training in acupuncture. Acupuncture has become more mainstream over many years and is included in the physiotherapists' scope of practice which means it is regulated by the HCPC. The Chartered Society of Physiotherapists recognised acupuncture over 30 years ago as a treatment modality suitable for physiotherapy use and there is today over 6,000 physiotherapists in the UK practicing acupuncture.

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"I came with chronic neck pain. Five sessions with Lois and I am very much on the mend. Thank you Lois."

Andrew July 2016

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