Rugby injuries

In a game like rugby, just about any traumatic injury can occur as it is fast paced and high impact. The purpose of this page is to outline a few of the more common ones that we see in clinic.

Stingers / burners:

Stingers and burners happen as a result of trauma sustained to the nerves that supply the arm, either as they leave the neck or travel through the shoulder. Their name comes as a result of the sensation that is produced down the arm as a result of the injury. Most cases of stingers / burners resolve within a week or two. If yours does not or if you experience significant weakness that continues after the injury, you should come to us for physiotherapy.

Acromioclavicular (AC) joint injuries:

The AC joint forms one of the 4 joints that make up the shoulder complex. It is where the clavicle (collar bone) attaches to the scapular (shoulder blade). Commonly a direct impact to the shoulder from a tackle or fall will result in AC joint injury.

The most commonly used classification system recognises 6 severities of AC joint injury.


What is it?

Technically, concussion is a minor traumatic brain injury. It is characterised by brief loss of consciousness, memory loss, disturbances in vision, such as 'seeing stars' and confusion after a direct impact to the head.

Is it serious?

Head injuries can be fatal, but concussion alone tends to resolve without treatment. Either way, you should always consult your doctor if you are suspicious of concussion. You should call 999 immediately if the person remains unconscious after the initial injury, is having a seizure or fit, is bleeding from one or both ears or is having difficulty staying awake, speaking, or understanding what people are saying.

How do we assess it?

Pitch side, there are some simple questions that can be asked in order to establish whether someone should play on. They are called 'Modified Maddocks Questions'. If any of these questions are answered incorrectly, be suspicious of concussion and consult a medical professional.

At what venue are we at today?

Which half is it now?

Who scored last in this match?

What team did you play last week / game?

Did your team win the last game?

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